About RedStar Strategies

Since the 1970s, and especially since 2008, there has been an overwhelming concentration of wealth among those who control the major enterprises in Toronto, resulting in an economic development that benefited the few at the top and undermined the rise of the standard of living for a majority of Torontonians.

For the workplace to serve the people, the people need to be in charge.

Starting in March of 2020 hundreds of thousands of Torontonians saw themselves plunged into unemployment, their plans interrupted and future prospects uncertain due to the public health emergency and the resulting economic crash. Managers, and the Boards of Directors who employ them, laid-off workers and closed businesses to save on costs.

Amid the uncertainty, one conclusion we can draw from this reality is that in order for workers to maintain control over their jobs, future prospects, and their livelihoods, we need to pay attention to the decision-making processes in the workplace.

It is out of this new economic reality that RedStar Strategies emerges with a bold proposal: reorganizing workplaces such that workers become their own bosses. Specifically, that means placing workers in the position of their own collective board of directors, rather than having directors be non-workers selected by shareholders.

"RedStar Strategies is on a mission to democratize the workplace by promoting and developing the growth of worker co-ops"